We use plants to improve your surroundings, from the inner city courtyard to the hotel balcony or home garden, by choosing plants that most suit their environment. Urban Foxglove are involved in the after care and maintenance of your green space.


    We can consult on and redesign your outdoor space. Urban Foxglove provides custom made designs for our clients. Design, manufacture and installation of trellis, furniture, planters and more, whatever your custom made needs may be.


    Our playful and creative side takes over here. Urban Foxglove collaborates with other creatives to deliver temporary floral and plant installations for weddings, events and festivals.

  • In 2016, Fiona Milanese and Claire Erasmus – two dynamic and creative women, bonded by friendship and a crazy passion for plants, flowers and all things flora – established Urban Foxglove, a landscaping & events company.

    "There is no doubt...Nature inspires! And, if we can add just a touch of it into our lives, we would feel much better. It is a journey for us... as our business grows, so do we! 🖤"

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Fiona Milanese

+27 76 592 6065

Claire Erasmus

+27 76 421 3813